Find below guidance on topics relating to church and circuit websites, specifically helping to enable better digital evangelism and digital discipleship through these online platforms.

Church Websites

Around 35% of Churches in our District have a website. Whether you are looking to improve yours, have a complete overhaul or create your first church website, the below information should hopefully help you. Click the headings below to toggle seeing the info in each section. 


A Checklist for your Church Website
Level: Easy to Advanced | 2 pages | written 2019
This guide is a good starting point to reference with your Church website and see how well you’re doing. Do you have all these on your website?

Guide for Creating a New Church Website
Level: Intermediate | 2 pages | written 2019
A good starting point if you’re looking to build a Church website and have no idea where to begin. This guide is aimed at provoking the right quesitions you need to ask – not providing simple answers for how to set up your website. There are many factors to consider and will depend on your context and aims.

Guide to using Church websites for Evangelism
Level: Intermediate | 4 pages | written 2020
This guide for those who already have, or help run, a church website provides tips on using this communication tool effectively for evangelism.

If you are a church within our District and have a website, then it’s quite likely that your church website has already been reviewed by our Digital Communications Enabler in our report of digital communication in 2018. 

This review looked at all websites in our District and evaluated them based on common cirteria and provides helpful feedback, advice and guidance on changes to make.

Click here:
Review of District Digital Communications

These additional topics may be of interest, as they directly or indirectly relate to websites:

Graphic Design Help

Digital Strategy

Digital and Online Giving

Digital Safeguarding

Contact our Digital Communications Enabler:

Elliot Crippen