Welcome to the Yorkshire North and East District Safeguarding page, a place for all your safeguarding resources. If you are accessing this page because you need some support, advice or guidance about a safeguarding matter then you are in the right place – we are here to help. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question, or a ‘niggle’ too small, and there are people that you can turn to in your local church, circuit, or in the wider district. If you need local contact details of those who can help you, these should be displayed on the church noticeboard. 

As an organisation, the Methodist Church is seeking to create a better safeguarding culture across all of our churches and spaces by equipping you to understand how to deal with a disclosure of abuse, how to recognise when an abusive situation might present itself, and how we can improve the way we respond to those who have lived experience of abuse who are part of our worshipping community. Good safeguarding practice and a positive safeguarding culture is something that we all have a part to play in. 


For more information about the part that the church council has to play in promoting a safer culture in our churches please see here [link to document once updated and rebranded from Sheffield] 

Remember: Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility!