Lay employment support

If you are exploring the viability of an employed role, please contact the District Lay Employment Advisor for an early conversation. 

Should you have Church Council or Circuit Meeting approval please follow the instructions on the Authorisation To Recruit Form to complete the necessary process.  

Support from the District Lay Employment Advisor is available to create a job description and a person specification and a conversation at this stage will ensure that the district’s recommended employment terms are incorporated into your vision.

These terms are summarised here: Recommended Employment Terms.

We understand that from time to time it can be necessary to use a self-employed contractor. If you are considering this we ask that you read our Guidance on Engaging a Self-Employed Contractor. A conversation with the District Lay Employment Advisor before any decision or offer is made is encouraged.

Please note that no vacancy may be advertised, neither can an appointment can be made, unless prior approval has been obtained from the District Lay Employment Sub Committee (CPD 438A (5)). This can be achieved through conversation with the District Lay Employment Advisor. For all circuit appointments it is a requirement of the district that a member of district staff is invited onto the shortlisting and interview panel. 

Andrew Crawford – District Lay Employment Advisor
Phone/Message: 07825337500

For Lay Employees

To ensure that all information held on behalf of the Lay Employment Sub-Committee is correct (as required by Standing Order 438A) and we have the relevant permissions, please can all Lay Employees fill out this form.

For Line Managers

Employment Policies

Other Resources

Job Vacancies – click here for employment and volunteering opportunities from the churches, circuits, and projects of the district. To submit a job vacancy please contact  

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