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ONE Family is a relaxed informal style of church for families of primary age children, although all ages are always welcome. It aims to encourage carers and children to worship together; empowering adults to talk to the children they care for about their own faith journey. Adults and children hear stories from the Bible and engage in activities together that facilitate conversations about faith in the home.

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ONE X supports churches as they engage with young people through the transition years; too old for children’s groups but not yet old enough for formal leadership opportunities. It encourages the gifts and ministry of the young person as an individual called by God. The focus is on personal empowerment, encouraging relationships with adults in their own church and Bible based theological learning

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ONE Opportunity

ONE Opportunity offers the young person and their faith community a structure in which to dream. The District will support both the individual and the church through the development and realisation of a one-year ministry project. This project should be the result of the dreams, and be developed from the passions and calling, of the young person. It aims to connect the young person with a cohort of peers from around the District and comes with a salary for three hours work per week.
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ONE Graduate

ONE Graduate is the chance to dream even bigger! For a young person who feels they might be discerning a call to paid ministry, this offers up to ten hours a week to work in the area to which they feel God may be calling them. Again, this starts from the individual and is tailored around their gifts and passions.

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ONE Movement

ONE Movement covers a range of activities which aim to empower and encourage young people as leaders and change agents in the Methodist church and the world. It includes opportunities to participate in activities such as Youth Synod, Youth Council, Flourish Youth Stream, District Leadership team and weekends away with peers. Young people do not have to be involved with any other District children’s and youth work to participate in One Movement.

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Adult Offerings for Children & Youth Workers

Volunteer Network

Volunteer children’s and youth leaders are a source of inspiration and joy for so many young people. Network meetings offer them the chance to get together and be inspired by one another. The District team does not run these, but will help to organise, recruit and facilitate, so circuits can offer these as a gift to their volunteer leaders.


An ecumenical part time training course for youth, children and family workers & volunteers. The Aurora Training Courses in Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry are designed for volunteers, interns or newly appointed paid workers with no formal qualification in children’s or youth work. 

Community of Practice

A place for lay workers across the District to meet with others in similar roles.  These meetings offer educational opportunities as well as space to share joys, frustrations and wisdom in healthy and constructive ways.

Resources for Children & Youth Workers

District Children and Youth Diary

Calendar specific to children & youth activities and events taking place in the district

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Contact details for the district youth officers are listed below, if you have any questions we would be happy to help.

District Children’s & Youth Ministry Leader
Victoria Etherington

Youth Work Enabler

Richard Ellarby

District Youth Chaplain

Rev David Spiers

District Children’s & Youth Ministry Admin
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