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Welcome to our District

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Welcome to our District

As Chair of the Yorkshire North & East District, I welcome you to our website, your starting place for information and resources for churches and circuits in our area.  We are developing and shaping our vision and priorities. We are committing ourselves to growing Flourishing Missional Communities.  We recognise our need to develop a new culture which inspires vocations, sows generously, appoints leaders and changes structures for growth. We are now  pursuing four priorities to help us achieve our vision:

Growing Lay Leadership

Recognising our Methodist heritage and that we were a growing movement when we had well-equipped, released and accountable local lay leaders.

Re-Imagining Worship

Recognising, for instance, that often the preaching plan is not an effective tool for developing excellence and local ownership of worship.

Developing "Our Voice"

Recognising that we need to build confidence in sharing our faith, telling our stories and how we speak out and take action on injustice in all its many forms.

Remodelling Governance

Recognising that often we sacrifice our best people on the wrong altars. We're committed to undertake all that is encompassed by 'governance' really well.


District Services

Online worship produced by the District once a month

Find information and links to our monthly district services, including where to watch and how to download. These new services are being produced once a month for circuits and churches to utilise in our District – started in November 2020.

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Flourish 21

Update – After a great deal of thinking and praying, consulting and discussing, we have now reluctantly agreed that the wisest and safest decision is to defer Flourish from this September.  We have such wonderful and enduring memories of Flourish in 2019 and we want our next event to be as equally inspiring and positive.  Although it seems that it would have been possible to go ahead with Flourish this September, we cannot be sure of how free from restrictions we would be, and we have recognised that many will feel reluctant to gather in such a significant number so soon after the lockdowns of the past year.

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