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Lay people have always played a significant role in the history of Methodism although the nature and extent of that role has varied over the years. They have readily responded to whatever God has called them to do and risen to the challenges facing the church alongside their ordained colleagues. As we enter the third decade of the 21st century the Methodist Church is responding to a shortage in the number of ordinands offering for Presbyteral ministry. At the same time, there is a spirit-led rise amongst lay people to respond to the call to share in the local leadership of churches. This has resulted in the creation of the role of Local Pastor

Introduction & Promotional video

Local Lay Pastors are people engaged in lay ministry authorised by a local church or circuit and acting in a pastoral and mission leadership role in a local congregation. They may be paid or voluntary, full-time or part-time. They are commissioned to engage in pastoral ministry and mission on behalf of, and in collaboration with, local church members, for specified periods of time.  An individual’s ministry will vary according to their gifts and skills, and the local situation.

Is this something to which God is calling you as a lay person in your own faith journey?  A way to use the gifts God has given you?

Or perhaps as an ordained Presbyter you would welcome a colleague to share with you in local ministry, taking some of the pressures from your shoulders and replacing it with the joy of shared ministry?

If so, then this is a short introduction to both the role and the two models of Local Pastor which the District has embraced.

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If you would like to know more feel free to contact Mrs Heather Shipman or Revd Steve Barlow from the District Circuit Support Team if you would like to talk further.
Heather – heatherashipman@gmail.com
Steve – revsmbarlow@gmail.com