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Representative Synod: September 12th 2020

Synod meet virtually on the morning of 12 September, and full proceedings can be watched at any time via the live stream on YouTube here

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the planning and delivery of our Synod this morning. It was especially encouraging that Synod:
a) agreed to seek Conference approval for a brand new, non-geographically defined Circuit to provide a District-wide ‘new place for new people.’ and
b) committed to becoming a Net Zero Carbon District by 2040, at least.

Technical info for how Synod worked can be found in this FAQ document here

All videos shown at Synod, along with notes and documents, can be found on this page:

Synod Papers – Representative Synod: 12 September 2020

Calling letter and agenda

Proposed district officers and committee members

Proposed Synod Secretary, Reasoned Statement

Nominations for Conference representatives

Cease worship – Cornerstone

Flourishing as a Growing Church

Deferred resolution

Representative Synod: April 25th 2020

Dear Synod Members,
We are writing to inform you that the Conference Office has agreed that all spring Representative Synods that have not yet been held should now not take place, due to the necessary restrictions in place.
Of course, the main theme for these Synods would have been the resolutions contained in the God in Love Unites Us report.
Although it is uncertain when we will begin to return to normality, it is important to be clear that the Methodist Church will ensure that there is proper opportunity for all the District Synods to confer and register their votes before any decisions are made by the Methodist Conference (whenever it turns out that the Conference next meets.)
In the meantime, please be assured of our care and prayers for all of you, and all our churches and circuits in these challenging days.
Every blessing
Leslie Newton and Jackie Gaitley
District Chair and Synod Secretary

Facebook Live – Representative Synod

In addition to papers sent out to Synod members, Revd Leslie Newton, Chair of District, will offer a live video for Synod members (and anyone else who wishes to view) lasting about half an hour on Saturday 25th April at 10am. Catch up below, or on this page here

Representative Synod Live Video

It is not possible for the Synod to physically meet together this Spring. However, in addition to papers sent out to Synod members, Leslie will offer a live video for Synod members (and anyone else who wishes to view) lasting about half an hour.

Posted by Leslie Newton on Saturday, 25 April 2020

Transcript of Leslie’s message ‘Fly the Flag’ – click the link below to open/download the document
Facebook Live transcript 25th April 2020 by Leslie Newton (pdf)

Synod Papers – Representative Synod: April 25th 2020

Manse report

MHA report

Learning Network report

Property report

Treasurer’s report

Youth report

District accounts

Presbyteral synod minutes