District Synod

Our Representative Synod meets in autumn and spring each year. In addition to discussing formal business, Synod is an opportunity for us to gather as a district to worship, learn and share stories. It’s a place for conferring, conversation, talks, and workshops. Everyone is welcome to attend, and it is open to any visitors – come along to hear inspiring speakers, be challenged with focused workshops, and connect with others from all around the district in sharing experiences, challenges, and discussions.

Details of Representative Synod are usually posted about a month in advance, on this page and also publicised on our Social Media Accounts and District Newsletter. See sections below for details of reports and other information that is available in advance.

General information about Representative Synod (formal details – downloadable word doc)

Representative Synod: 7 May 2022, Manor Academy, York

Over 140 representatives, ministers, supernumeraries, and visitors came together on Saturday 7th May at Manor Academy in York to join in worship, conferring, conversation, talks, workshops, and more. Looking to God to relight the fire of our faith, passion, and action. A day of encouragement, challenge, discussion, and fellowship.

The full live stream of the morning is available to watch back here

Thank you to everyone who contributed to District Synod. Representative Synod is far more than a business meeting, and it was great to have many visitors of all ages!

Papers to be considered by the synod can be found below: Calling letter and synod agenda

Extension of the invitation of Revd Leslie Newton as Chair of District
Synod agreed to recommend to the Methodist Conference that District Chair, Revd Leslie Newton, be reinvited for a further 5 years from September 2023

Children and Youth Report
DAF Report
Property Report
Action for Children


Jill Marsh – Justice, Dignity and Solidarity

Watch the video on YouTube here

Related resources:

See below for more on the Justice, Dignity and Solidarity “Community of Practice” that is being proposed for the District

workshop options and information pdf

Pre-synod music: Within Our Darkest Night (prayer song from the Taizé Community) YouTube link
Opening hymn: Be still, for the presence of the Lord (Matt Beckingham) YouTube link
Second hymn: Forever the same (O thou who camest) YouTube link
Into closing worship: Holy Spirit Set a Fire, cover by Sarah Reeves YouTube link
Closing hymn: Let the flame burn brighter (Graham Kendrick) YouTube link

A prayer for Synod written by Elliot and Emma Crippen:

Relight our fire, Lord;
Help us burn with a passion for you again,
Fan the flames, Lord;
Rekindle the embers of our past, and revive us, Lord, again.

Relight our faith, Lord;
Help us flourish in the world as a force for peace,
Re-ignite the spark, Lord;
Encourage the sharing of our faith, and your kingdom, we pray, increase.

Relight our passion, Lord;
Help us navigate new challenges for this generation,
Set our hearts ablaze, Lord;
Inspire us to live your way, and be inclusive, for all, in our nation.

Relight our action, Lord;
Help us centre on wellbeing for everyone,
Let our love burn, Lord;
Facing issues of today, and seeking justice, like Jesus, your son.

Relight our fire, Lord;
Rekindle the passion for our future, and revive us, Lord, again.


Representative Synod: 18 September 2021, Manor Academy, York

Creative Contributions and Craft Activities:
Lament activities instructions (pdf)
Printable prayer card (pdf)
Poem by Karen Portsmouth (pdf)

God in Heaven,

As we come together in this moment of lament,
our thoughts go to those who are now absent;
our journey has been a weary one, our hearts are full of loss,
we come before you and lay our burdens at the cross;
hold us close while we are in this space of grief,
and with your grace help us to find some relief.

As we come together in this moment of prayer,
we are comforted by your love ever present ever there;
our faces long to smile, with hope for brighter days ahead,
we come before you, Jesus, to receive our daily bread;
fill us with your joyful spirit come what may,
and with your grace help us to see your blessings in every day.

As we come together in this moment of change and transition,
we look forward, excited for new ways to fulfil your mission;
our hands to give, and our hearts to serve,
we come before you to receive your word;
surround us with your spirit as we look for guidance from above,
and with your grace help us to move forward in your love.

In Jesus name, Amen

Representative Synod (online): 24 April 2021

All videos from our Synod on 24th April 2021 can be found in this YouTube playlist here
We were very fortunate to have Deacon Eunice Attwood and Revd Dr Peter Phillips joining our synod. You can read some background to their ministry here

Catch up with the talks below. You can find copies of their slides here:
Deacon Eunice Attwood Slides
Revd Dr Peter Philips Slides

Extraordinary Representative Synod (online): 27 February 2021

An additional session of synod was held to consider the God in Love Unites Us resolutions. The report, along with supporting information, can be found here.
The resolutions voted on are here. Synod members voted in favour of all resolutions.

Representative Synod (online): September 12th 2020

All videos shown at Synod, along with notes and documents, can be found on this page: