Design, Branding and Logos

Find below guidance on topics relating to graphic design, including graphics for social media, posters and PowerPoints, and advice relating to church branding and church logos.

Design, Branding and Logos

One of the best tips for church branding consistency is to create a church “style guide”.

Creating a style guide for your church (CofE article)
A style guide is a set of standards you uphold with any digital or printed resources for your church. Read this article to learn how to create one. Includes some great examples and a template at the end.

Graphic Design Platforms

Canva ( – Canva is a free online simplified graphic-design tool, founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to photographs, vector images, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics.

Church Comms Create, by CPO ( – Church Comms Create is a paid desktop design platform for church communicators and Christian creatives in the UK provided by CPO (Christian Publishing and Outreach –

Guide for Converting a Poster for Social Media (Word Doc to JPEG)
Level: Easy | 2 pages
Avoid taking photos of your printed church posters for online use – use this simple guide to learn how to simply convert a word document into a professional image.

Here is some guidance for creating posters for your church, particularly if you are looking to use them online:

Free editor for easily making church posters:

Church posters online resources:

How to create great posters for your church:

Do’s and Dont’s of Church Flyer design:

Church poster design tips:

Photos, Images and Graphics

Unsplash (
Pexels (
Pixabay (

District Logos and Downloads

Logos are the face of an organisation (whether the national Methodist Church, our District, or your local church). It is part of our branding. “Your church’s logo is the foundation of your visual identity. And with the prominence of digital platforms, your church logo is now more visible than ever before.” – Pro Church Tools

63% church websites in our district don’t display the Methodist logo
*based on findings between Sep-Dec 2018. Churches displaying the red Methodist orb on the homepage

Please find Connexional download files and guidance here

District ‘red’ – RGB: 219r 0g 46b or HEX: #db002e
Methodist ‘red’ –  RGB: 181r 33g 41b or HEX: #B52129


To use the following logos, hover your mouse/cursor over the image, ‘Right-click’ and choose to ‘save file as’. Please note: transparent files will save as ‘.png’. 

Pre-made Graphics

We hope to share some pre-made graphics, content and images that you can download and use on your church social media, website or in print. These are here as suggestions and to help save you time, and improve the quality of what churches are offering. For example, they are a quick way to improve a social media post by adding one of the graphics below.

If you want anything customising, amending, or adding (such as a church logo or service times) just get in touch at:

You can find more free high-quality social media graphics to download from SundaySocial here: