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Created by Elliot Crippen, Digital Enabler for Yorkshire North and East Methodist District.

Graphics This page contains 100+ social media templates that have been designed to work for local Methodist Churches mostly using photography by Elliot. There are places out there that offer similar downloads (some are signposted below) but many cater to an American audience or urban style. There’s little that is suitable for small rural Methodist Churches – the hope is that the options offered here are suitable for a range of UK contexts, and provide something that is a bit more traditional, but ultimately feels “Methodist-y” – with Methodist colours and branding. (note – designed for use online and not optimised for printing)

Photography Bank Scroll down to find the link to the Photography Bank containing 200 high-quality photographs taken by Elliot in Methodist Churches around Yorkshire at a range of events including worship, craft groups, coffee mornings, and youth events.

Below are examples for you to browse and explore. You can click on an image to view it in full and right-click to download, or you can access and download all graphics and photos via the GoogleDrive button.

Need help designing?
Design and Branding: a practical guide and suggestions (pdf)
Best practices for Methodist Churches written in 2022 by Elliot Crippen

High-Quality Methodist Photographs

Find 200 high-quality photographs by Elliot taken in Methodist Church buildings and at events and services around the District on his travels. Plus many from his local Starbeck Methodist Church. These are all GDPR-compliant as they don’t contain identifiable faces of people.

January 2024 – added 15 images from a District Youth event.
February 2024 – added 20 images from Nafferton Methodist Church
April 2024 – added 21 images from the Harrogate Family Wellbeing Day at Trinity Methodist Church
May 2024 – added 29 images from District Synod at Manor Academy York

Publicity and Invitation Examples

Use these on Facebook to promote your church events and activities to your local community. Parts of the design are intentionally left empty to allow you to add your own details or logo. If you need anything customising, do get in touch.

Mission and Outreach Examples

Use these on Facebook to raise awareness of your church in the community and spread positive messages of hope and faith to those outside the church. (Use them like you would a public poster outside your church – they are for communicating the vision and values of your church). Parts of the design are intentionally left empty to allow you to add your own details or logo. If you need anything customising, do get in touch.

Engagement Posts

Use these on Facebook or Instagram to encourage conversation with your audience. Social Media shouldn’t be a noticeboard – it’s two-way. 

Blank Templates

Blank backgrounds you can import into Canva or another application to add your own text.

Elliot Crippen - Digital Enabler

Elliot has been working for Yorkshire North and East District since 2018 and has built up extensive experience in designing graphics for a Methodist context and in a Methodist style. It’s a fine line between looking modern / professional, and keeping the authenticity of what our churches are actually like in person. Elliot is a budding amateur photographer and enjoys creating videos and experimenting with creativity.

Contact Elliot: 

Signposting other options

Here you’ll find other websites that offer downloadable social media graphics and other templates (mostly American)