Digital Strategy

Guidance: Digital Strategy

This is a complex topic but very relevant as we look to the future. More resources on this area coming soon.
How do we develop a digital strategy for our church/circuit?
This could cover a range of approaches:
  • Having a strategic purpose (the ‘why’) for each communication channel / social media platform we use
  • Having a policy / social media calendar to be strategic in ‘what’ and ‘when’ we communicate online
  • Having audience personas to be strategic in ‘how’ we communicate
  • Having a long term vision for equipping churches, buying equipment, and digital training
  • Having a plan for how to continue online worship and facilitate live streaming

Church Communication Strategy: A Guidebook (PDF from ChurchJuice)
A document to help you create a church communications strategy. Finding your audience and building personas.

Top five tips to develop an effective church digital strategy (CofE article)
An article with five tips for how you  should approach preparing a church digital strategy

How can your church engage different audiences on social media and the web? (CofE article)
Learn how to develop audience insights and tailor different social media posts for different audiences.

Social Media Calendar Template for 2021 (CofE article)
We know it can be daunting thinking about what to post next week, let alone the next few months, but, with a little planning now, the next few weeks and months will be much easier. We’ve taken dates from the Christian calendar, alongside national awareness days, and just-for-fun ideas. Add it to your own calendar alongside local services and campaigns, or use it as a starting block for ideas each month.