Seed-Funding Grants

Our District vision is to enable the growth of Flourishing Missional Communities.  One way to see this happen is to have a culture that tries new things and ’sows generously.’  The parable of the sower reminds us that we should approach our mission by mirroring the generosity of God’s nature.  We’re called to take risks, knowing that not everything may grow or turn out as we hoped.  However, some seed will fall on good soil, and produce astonishing results. The District Leadership Team wants to help us develop this culture.  We have therefore ring-fenced £15,000 for this Connexional year for seed-funding grants. Local churches and circuits are invited to apply contacting Nic Bentley, our Grants Officer, using a short form that is linked below. Grants will be up to £1,000 and we will be supporting ‘new things seeking to reach new people.’  We intend for the process to be very straightforward.  We will aim to give a decision in less than 28 days, and hope to usually say ‘yes’ so long as your idea is missional and outward-looking and you’re able to get on with implementing the idea within a year. We look forward to receiving your ideas and plans.  

Application form:
DAF Seed Funding application form

Warm Spaces
DAF Warm Space Funding application form
Warm Spaces Activity Risk Assessment

For more information, and application forms, for larger “District Advance Fund” (DAF) Grants see here: