New podcast for parents

Do you have a toddler group, Messy Church, or engage with families in your church?

“Don’t wake the baby!” is a newly launched podcast by Elliot and Emma Crippen for parents of under 5s with the aim of building community around Yorkshire to offer mutual support. The pilot series is being released during July and August 2023 with new episodes each week on YouTube and podcasting platforms. Parents can unwind to a wholesome mix of parenting, humour and crafting – sharing experiences with each other and exploring how parenting has changed.

This is a digital ‘New Place for New People’ being sponsored by Yorkshire North and East Methodist District, and being held within The Kairos Movement

Find out more here:

Do share with parents you’re in contact with – it’s ideal for those on the fringes of church. Maybe you could use it as a way to keep families engaged while you take a break over the summer. Or maybe you want to publicise it to parents when your children’s groups restart in September.

If you run something that attracts parents or families, do let Elliot know – we can provide you with some leaflets about the podcast. And we can publicise your group to our listeners!