New Circuit Support Team Leader

We are delighted to announce that Revd Ruth Gilson-Webb will be joining the District Team in September 2022 as our Circuits Support Team Leader – a strategic role helping to shape the development and flourishing of the mission of churches and circuits across Yorkshire North and East District, and leading our Circuits Support Team.

Ruth says:

“Having worked for many years as Director of The Girls’ Brigade, candidating for the Methodist Ministry in 2015/16 was, for me, a return to a calling sensed in my ‘younger days’ – delayed as God led me in other ways!

Pre-ordination Training at Queen’s Foundation was my second run at theological college, having chosen that route after school when I believed that the Lord was calling me in a particular way. I feel hugely privileged to have had these life-shaping opportunities to share in discovery with others…though I wasn’t that keen on all the assignments!

I took an ‘apprenticeship’ style route at Queen’s which enabled me to work as a student minister in Barnsley for two years, before being stationed to Aire and Calder (Yorkshire West) in 2019.

As a ‘Yorkshire gal’ it’s a joy to be serving God in an area I love…though I’ve been hugely blessed at having opportunities through God’s call on my life to work around the UK and Internationally over the years.

Much of my focus to date has been in roles supporting and encouraging ‘church’ to join in with God’s mission in their local community, to adventure, and to build on the past in ways that relate to the present and future.  

That’s why I am so excited to be joining the Yorkshire North and East District at this time. The stories and snippets I see from Circuits and churches in the District say so much about how Methodist people are really seeking to be open to God in these unsettled post-pandemic, post-Christendom, post seemingly everything days – to flex and adapt to share the hope of Jesus Christ in relevant ways. It feels such a privilege to be given this opportunity to join you in this. I pray that I will be of help and support to you in the days ahead, whilst we drink DECENT coffee together and I bore you with stories about our two crazy Westie dogs!”

The role is about offering spiritual and practical encouragement and support to circuits in responding positively to opportunities for development and growth as they seek to fulfill their mission. Supporting circuits as they face challenges in fulfilling governance responsibilities. Providing leadership to other members of the Circuits Support Team, including line management, to ensure that the team is effective in supporting the vision of the District. Liaising closely with the District Chair, District Leadership Team, and other Officeholders to ensure work is well-communicated and managed efficiently. It’s an exciting role for a visionary and strategic leader to help shape the development and flourishing of the mission of the Yorkshire North and East District working across the Yorkshire North & East Methodist District of the Methodist Church