Exploring Digital: Follow-up event

Join Elliot Crippen, Ben Clowes and Rory Dalgliesh for an opportunity to drop-in and discuss more around the themes from the recent “Exploring Digital” online conference run by The Methodist Church (although it’s open to anyone, not just those who attended). We hope to offer practical steps you can take, beginner help, and where we go next within the context of our district. Focusing mostly on the themes covered in the conference: AI, Online Church, and Social Media. (watch a recording of the Conference on YouTube)

Monday 13th November
10am – 12pm
On Zoom (link below)

We’re aware that the time may not suit everyone, and we apologise – due to the nature of the open conversation, we will not be able to record the event, but would consider offering another opportunity for discussion at a different time if there was enough interest.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 970 3149 0291
Passcode: 957433

Our hope is that this session will offer some of the following, although we will be guided by those who drop-in and may not be able to cover everything within this conversation:

  • Capitalising on the momentum of the “Exploring Digital” conference to keep conversations around digital going
  • An attempt to disseminate some of the learning (to those who didn’t attend the conference)
  • Offering some follow-on and practical application / training opportunities (from our District Digital Enabler) that weren’t prominent during the conference.
  • Sharing a district vision on where we might be heading with digital in a Methodist and District Context – particularly with the online church and social media conversations. Some practical templates for what could be ‘next steps’.
  • Gathering those who are involved in digital in local churches around the district – those who “get it” – and offering support to those often isolated voices, spread around the district – finding ways we can support you.

Find more digital resources from our District Digital Enabler, Elliot Crippen, here:

Also note this follow on event from the Connexion:
Exploring Digital Lunchtime Learning – Wednesday 15th November