Homelessness Research

Yorkshire North and East Methodist District is to undertake important research on homelessness.

We are pleased to announce that Mark Bevan, who has a background in housing research and issues surrounding homelessness, will be working with us over the next year to see how local churches and the District as a regional voice can make a positive impact on homelessness.

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Youth Homelessness Event

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Homelessness Blog

In the run up to the Sleep Out for Homelessness event mentioned above we’ll look in more detail at some of the particular issues facing homeless people. There is a series of blogs that will explore: youth homelessness; some of the issues that contribute to the risk of homelessness in childhood; the hidden nature of homelessness especially in the rural areas of our District; contributions from Carecent and SASH; how we might respond locally as individuals and churches going forwards into 2021.

    Rural homelessness can look very different to homelessness in large towns and cities. Although the root causes of homelessness are similar wherever it is experienced, a striking feature of homelessness in the countryside is its lack of visibility, which can lead people to believe that the problem does not exist across their communities.  It’s very […]
    The impact of homelessness on the health and wellbeing of children Tackling the impact of homelessness on children remains an ongoing and deeply entrenched problem. Shelter estimated that on Christmas Day last year there were at least 135,000 children in Great Britain who were homeless and living in temporary accommodation. Homelessness can have diverse and […]
    Young people are at particular risk of homelessness and insecure housing. Both academic researchers and frontline agencies have set out the complex reasons that combine to expose many young people to vulnerable housing situations.  Organisations like Centrepoint highlight not only the causes of youth homelessness, but detail how these factors lead to a different experience for […]
    Living with homelessness this winter The Sleep Out for Homelessness event on January 23rd 2021 will help to raise funds for Carecent in York, and SASH. Short for ‘Safe and Sound Homes’, SASH operates across a large geographical area and provides services to prevent youth homelessness right across the Yorkshire North & East Methodist District. […]