District Online Worship Services

These services are being produced once a month for circuits and churches to utilise in our District.

They are usually the last Sunday of the month and are usually available from a week before. They are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, and are available below – but are ideally used in local contexts by local churches and circuits, so please contact your superintendent or minister to find out where the service is being published in your local context.

If you wish to download the district services in full, or any of the component parts of the services, then you can do this via our District Online Worship Library: Get access to the resource library

Upcoming district service dates: (usually on 4th Sunday of the month)
Sunday 25th April – Fourth Sunday of Easter – preacher Revd. David Perry – a member of the Circuit Support Team
Sunday 23rd May – Pentecost – preacher Revd. Ruth Gee – Assistant Secretary of Conference
We are also planning District online worship for Sundays 27th June, 25th July, and 22nd August but do not yet have any details.

Latest District Service:

Past District Services:

See a playlist of all past District Service videos on YouTube:
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