District Online Worship Services

Our last monthly District Online Worship will be on Sunday 26th February 2023, led by Revd Leslie Newton.

We are grateful to the team that has faithfully enabled these services to happen. To Andrew Brown who’s co-ordinated so much, to Elliot Crippen who’s put it all together, to Christine Sheasby and Ruth Crompton who’ve brought prayers which have enriched these services. To our preachers with the district and beyond who’ve shared God’s word. To musicians and readers who’ve contributed in all sorts of different ways. It’s been a rich sharing experience. Thank you.

Monthly worship has been produced by the district on every 4th Sunday since November 2020, with a catalogue of over 30 worship resources available, specifically for circuits and churches to utilise in local contexts. Our back catalogue of past services and sermons can be found here: YouTube Playlist and Facebook Playlist

Future Plans – progression of online worship

As we look to the future and consider how we progress and adapt our district online worship, and consider how we can best use district resources to benefit the mission of the church – we will be discontinuing our regular monthly online services in February 2023. Below you can find a list signposting ongoing public Online Worship that you can connect with around the district, where that is helpful.

As a district, we are looking to put fresh energy into other things online. Elliot Crippen, our District Digital Enabler, continues to assist and resource local churches and circuits in providing their own online worship. You can connect with our weekly District Online Prayer Gathering which is continuing every Thursday at 6.30pm led by Revd Leslie Newton, on Facebook and Zoom. We are excited about future plans in the area of online church, and whilst this will not take the form of ‘online worship’ and will look very different, we are following the Spirit’s promptings as we explore new ways of reaching new people.

District Online Worship Library

You can currently still access our District Online Worship Library which is stored in Google Drive folders.
It is a bank of resources and assets for use in online worship – sharing content from around the district. You’re welcome to reuse old services, sermons, or other components that can be customised for local use.

Find more resources and help with creating local online worship (pre-recorded, live-streamed, or hybrid) in our Digital Resources Hub here: www.yorkshirenemethodist.org/digital-resources/

Where can I find other songs/hymns for use in online worship?
Some additional places have given permission for their versions of hymns and songs to be used in online worship (You should include any copyright info or credits – and note that permissions have been given during the Covid-19 pandemic, but may have been removed again at a later date. You may require a CCLI or similar streaming licence to use the material).

Evangelical Movement of Wales (approx 100 hymns)
South Cliff Methodist Church (approx 100 hymns)
Everingham Music (approx 88 hymns)
Reawaken Hymns (approx 49 hymns)
Matt Beckingham (approx 84 hymns)
Isle of Man Methodists (approx 100+ hymns)
Paul Coleman (approx 130 hymns)
Victoria Methodist Bristol (approx 92 hymns)
Frodsham Methodist Church (approx 150 hymns)
Rend Collective – Worship Club (approx 7 songs)

You can find a list of what license your church needs to perform Singing the Faith hymns on this page here
Find district guidance on copyright for online worship here

Ongoing “Online Worship” from around the District

Even though our monthly District Online Worship is ending, we are aware that there are many other opportunities which are wonderfully being produced week on week within the district. This list is to make sure those opportunities are shared so that there are services you can continue to access. Let us know if you have local opportunities you’d like to add to this list – digital@yorkshirenemethodist.org

Online worship “services”
Public Church Live Streams
Public Online Prayers