District Synod Recordings and Notes

The live stream from District Synod on Saturday 12th September is still available to watch back on YouTube here

Synod Videos

Individual clips and videos shown during Synod are now available to watch separately and are all contained in this playlist

Documents from Jongi’s presentation

The notes and documents shown by Revd Dr Jongikaya Zihle during his session at Synod on “Flourishing as an Inclusive Church” are available below:

Building affirming inclusive communities (doc.)

Encountering Diversity (doc.)

Unconscious Bias (jpeg)

District Synod Summary

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the planning and delivery of our Synod this morning. It was especially encouraging that Synod:
a) agreed to seek Conference approval for a brand new, non-geographically defined Circuit to provide a District-wide ‘new place for new people.’ and
b) committed to becoming a Net Zero Carbon District by 2040, at least.

A summary report of District Synod will be availiable soon.

District Synod Live Stream

District Synod will meet virtually on the morning of Saturday 12 September from 9:30am to 12:30pm. All procedings will be live streamed to YouTube.

Watch the Synod live stream on YouTube here:

Join in the conversation and say hello to people at Synod over in our District Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Yorks…

Yorkshire North & East District Synod will take place using Zoom Webinar, which is the same platform that the Methodist Conference used this year. If you attended the 2020 Methodist Conference, or watched online, then you will have some idea how our Synod will work. More info about Synod can be found on our District Website here: https://www.yorkshirenemethodist.org/…

District Prayer Diary 2020/21

Take a look at our new District Prayer Diary for 2020/21. We will also be sharing the prayers over on our District Facebook Page every day during September as we start on a Connexional ‘Year of Prayer’.

The District Prayer Diary can be viewed online here:

Follow the prayers during September on our Facebook Page here:

The Conference has declared 2020/2021 a year of prayer so that our Church-wide commitments to evangelism, church growth, church at the margins, and pioneering and church planting will flow from a deep, contemplative orientation to God’s grace and love.
Be part of this movement of prayer as we ask the Holy Spirit to help us be a growing, evangelistic, inclusive, justice-seeking Church of gospel people. 
You can join others across the country to pray together every Tuesday (starting 1st September 2020) from 12.45 to 1.00pm. Watch the live stream over on the Methodist Church Facebook Page

More info here: www.methodist.org.uk/our-work/our-work-in-britain/evangelism-growth/year-of-prayer/

Ebor Lectures Online

The Ebor Lectures series is an ecumenical project jointly sponsored and organised by York Minster, York St John University, The Order of Carmelites, The Yorkshire North and East District of the Methodist Church and The C. & J. B. Morrell Trust.

The Ebor Lectures in Theology and Public Life were established in 2006 in the city of York.

This prominent series of lectures, and related events, promotes a conversation between theology and public issues, offered free-of-charge to the general public.

In 2020 the Ebor Lectures organising committee started a YouTube channel in the hope of sharing resources with an even wider group of people.

We hope you will find the materials on offer provoke you to think – and maybe to act – in new ways for the benefit of wider society.


The Theme for Flourish 21

We’re thrilled to release the theme for “Flourish 21”, our District event taking place next year! Watch our teaser trailer…

Flourish 21
Weekend 17th – 19th September 2021
Taking place at Scarborough Spa

What is Flourish all about? Or want a recap? Watch the video to get a feel of what to expect. We’re looking forward to it already!

After the success of our Flourish District Gathering in 2019, Flourish is returning in 2021. New focus. Same great event.
Bringing people together from accross the District in a weekend for all ages.

We can’t wait to share more details with you all soon.

Getting Ready for the Future

The impact on us all in responding to the global pandemic has been unprecedented and life-transforming. Of course, this includes the life of our churches. As we move to a gradual emerging from a comprehensive lockdown, we face considerable challenges. We look ahead, recognising that we cannot simply go back. I’m reminded of words in Isaiah 43:16-21. To a people in exile in Babylon we read words both reminding them of God’s faithfulness in the past, but also God’s promise of ‘the new.’

The district has produced this document:

Getting Ready for the Future (pdf)
A guide for churches and circuits in Yorkshire North & East District as we respond to living with a pandemic.

A digest of government mandates and advice for churches, Oct 2020

This document will be updated regularly as the guidance changes


For more Coronavirus news, guidance and resources, please visit our District Coronavirus Page here

Latest Methodist Church guidance: (click here)
Updated 4 July
We continue to heed the Government guidelines for churches and to consider carefully the needs and risks involved in reopening places of worship.

What is the Spirit saying to our Churches?

What is the Spirit saying to our Churches” A Pentecost Sunday District Zoom Gathering Sunday 31st May at 6.30pm – 8.00pm. A Zoom gathering hosted by Leslie Newton, Chair of District, with sharing from people within the District and a space for conversation together.

It was great to welcome people from all around the District for our Pentecost Zoom Gathering. A sincere thanks to Andy Lindley, Heather Shipman, Lansford Penn-Timity, Amy Shephard, Liane Kensett, and Richard Teal for their contributions. I’m so sorry that the upgraded Zoom subscription that should have allowed our numbers to be over 100 failed. Huge apologies to those who tried to get in but couldn’t.

Watch the recording:

However, the contributions have been recorded so you can watch most of the time together here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFR2lk1hZwo

Music video shared by Amy (removed from this recording) can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiTrp…

Representative Synod Live

It is not possible for Representative Synod to physically meet together this Spring. However, in addition to papers sent out to Synod members, Revd Leslie Newton, Chair of District, will offer a live video for Synod members (and anyone else who wishes to view) lasting about half an hour on Saturday 25th April at 10am.

Tune in live on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/leslie.newton.562 (it will also appear on our District Facebook Page and District Facebook Group) or for those who are not on Facebook, you should be able to view the video on this page below:

Watch Live

Catch up


Fly the Flag – click the link below to open/download the document
Facebook Live transcript 25th April 2020 by Leslie Newton (pdf)

Great 50 Days Initiative

As Easter People we now embark on the “Great 50 Days” leading from Easter to Pentecost Sunday. In the midst of our current severe challenges, our Chair of District, Revd Leslie Newton encourages us to join in faithfully responding by focussing on these three themes: LOVE, PRAY, GIVE.

Yorkshire North and East District invites you to make these three themes a priority between Easter and Pentecost 2020:

We will be sharing more resources online and by email in the coming weeks to support us in exploring these themes.

Week one material is now available on our “Great 50 Days” webpage:

To receive Great 50 Days 2020 updates directly please email chair@yorkshirenemethodist.org to sign up