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A huge thank you to everyone who has helped make Flourish 23 – Rooted in Love a success! A large event such as this relies on the sacrificial effort and commitment of many people. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any capacity. ❤️ #flourish23
We hope the weekend has been enjoyable and inspiring for you, and the range of worship, workshops and activities has provided you with encouragement and challenge. Exploring in diverse ways our theme of Rooted in Love
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Highlights Video

Rooted in Love | Short Film from Flourish 23

Experience what it was like in Scarborough over the weekend of 14-16 April 2023. Watch the short film now: Rooted in Love

It was a diverse all-age weekend in Scarborough from 14-16 April 2023. We’d love to continue hearing your stories and testimonies from Flourish – what was your favourite part? Where did you experience a moment of Grace?

Speakers | Workshops | Worship | Marketplace | After Hours | Children, Youth, & Family Programme


We have attempted to record most of the main sessions in the Grand Hall and Ocean Room – these will be publicly and freely available to all so you can re-watch sessions or share them with friends who couldn’t make it. We are currently collating and organising all the footage and audio we captured, so not all recordings are available yet. PowerPoint Slides for some sessions are available at the bottom of this page.

Friday 14th April

Please note: due to copyright restrictions we’re not able to share all songs / music in our public recordings. A list of songs and hymns used at Flourish is available at the bottom of this page, along with PowerPoint slides for some sessions (not all slides are shown in recordings).

Saturday 15th April

Ocean Room
Grand Hall
Ocean Room
Grand Hall

Grand Hall was empty for rehearsals during second Workshop session

Evening Celebrations
Ocean Room
Grand Hall

Sunday 16th April

Ocean Room
Grand Hall
Final Flourish

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We’re grateful to those who took photos including Elliot Crippen, Mark Kensett, Stephen Husband, Mark Gowlett, and others.

Photos from 2023


Rough timetable for the weekend:

3:00pm – Pre-opening Hunmanby Silver Band
7:30pm – Opening Celebration
9:00pm – After hours options

8:00am – Prayers on the beach
9:00am – Worship options
10:00am – Bible study speaker sessions
11:15am – coffee break
11:45am – Panel sessions
12:30am – Lunch break

2pm to 3pm – Workshops part 1
3:30pm to 4:30pm – Workshops part 2

7:30pm – Evening Celebrations with speakers and music
9:30pm – After hours options

8:00am – Prayers on the beach
10:00am – Sunday Worship options
11:00am – coffee break
11:30am – Closing Celebration
1:00pm – Flourish ends

Song lists and PowerPoint Slides

Here we will be sharing a complete list of songs and hymns used during the Flourish weekend. Where appropriate, we will also share PowerPoint slides for some speakers and sessions (in the Grand Hall or Ocean Room). – note: this does not account for any last-minute changes, so may not be 100% accurate in all cases

Song Lists

Friday – Opening Celebration, Grand Hall

You’re calling us (StF 37)
Here I am to worship
Here for you (Redman)
Come people of the risen King (Getty & Townend)
Goodness of God
How deep the Father’s love for us
I love you, Lord and I lift my voice
10,000 reasons
I love you, Lord (reprise)
Love divine

Saturday Morning – Opening Worship

Matt Beckingham: Grand Hall
Come, now is the time to worship
Come, let us sing to the one
Everlasting God
You ran to me (MIB)
Sing wherever I go (We the Kingdom)

John Bell: Ocean Room
I owe my lord a morning song
This is the day
There is a line of women
We rejoice to be god’s chosen

Saturday Morning – Bible Study, Grand Hall

This new day (MIB)
Let everything that has breath – Matt Redman
I could sing of your love forever – Delirious?
God I look to you – Bethel
Just as I am (556)

Saturday Evening

John Bell – Ocean Room
From Adam came the apple
God’s intended joy

Philippa Hanna – Grand Hall
Lion and the Lamb
Firm Foundations
10,000 reasons
Gratitude (Brandon Lake)
Holy Spirit you are welocome here
Jesus be the Centre
I’m a child of God Yes I am
How Great Thou Art

Sunday – Opening Worship

Matt Beckingham – Grand Hall
Shine Jesus Shine / Celebration mash-up
My hand in yours
Give me oil / Every move I make mash-up

John Bell – Ocean Room
Jesus calls us
Within the circle of your friends
Christ has risen

Sunday – Final Flourish (Grand Hall)

Glorious Day
Yet not I but through Christ in me
You ran to me
Speak, O Lord
And can it be
How great thou art
Hear the call of the Kingdom
The Blessing


PowerPoints are available for certain sessions that took place in the Grand Hall and Ocean Room where they shared them with us in advance. Please note that slides from other workshops that took place in other venues aren’t currently available.

John Bell Opening Worship Liturgy | Saturday 15th April | Ocean Room
PDF liturgy text

Paula Gooder Bible Study | Saturday 15th April | Grand Hall
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

New Places for New People | Saturday 15th April | Grand Hall
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Net Zero Pannel Session | Saturday 15th April | Ocean Room
PowerPoint Slides part 1 (pdf)
PowerPoint Slides part 2 (pdf)

Paula Gooder Workshop | Saturday 15th April | Grand Hall
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Graham Thompson Workshop | Saturday 15th April | Theatre
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Eco Church Workshop | Saturday 15th April | Ocean Room
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

John Bell Communion Liturgy | Sunday 16th April | Ocean Room
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

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